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Mono-green Awakening

Green was my first Magic color. Although white is probably the color I most associate with now, I flourish in what players today refer to as the "Abzan" wedge, and green is still a vital part of my MtG identity. I'm certain that I've tapped 100 times more Forests than Islands in my career; in the beginning, my friends and I turned our noses up at the power of the wind and waves in our naivety, believing that soft counters and unsummon effects were inferior to absolute answers like Terror, Swords to Plowshares, and Desert Twister. Over time, rightly or not, I came to liken blue to a quality of arrogance and smugness. It felt like some players compensated for their inability to control the world around them by trying to regulate people's actions in a card game. To this day, I enjoy playing decks that fight through control elements and leave opponents knowing that their attempts to manipulate me failed.

But I digress. This is a deep psychological spiral that took ro…

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