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Of Old Souls and New Beginnings (Eternal Weekend 2019 Acquisitions)

It started several months ago with a simple question: was the Alpha Chaos Orb that I'd acquired on a whim two years ago something I was willing to part with?

As Old School players, we often find ourselves caught in the mental crossfire of triple-sleeving decks worth upwards of five figures versus looking at our cards for the purity of what they once were. We don't always like to talk about it. Rather, we try to adopt the mindset (some of us more successfully than others) that the monetary value of our collections is inconsequential. That we can exist solely in the shadows of our much younger selves, when Magic cards were nothing more than bewitching pieces of cardboard; when the value of chase rares may have rivaled the income garnered from mowing a few lawns, but nothing so mundane as a house payment.

Personally, I never intend to sell my collection. Understanding that life happens and that sometimes plans change, the endgame for me is to cherish these cards until my final b…

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