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Legionnaire Night 4: MTG Literally Underground

After weeks of anticipation, Legionnaire Night 4 was held on Friday, December 3 in the basement of my humble abode. Our ranks have grown by two members this calendar year, adding Jim Demko, who you might remember from such blog comments as these , and Greg Heier, who you probably don't remember from this video but is a longtime friend from the Columbus area. Also in attendance was Greg Carlino, an even longer-time friend who also happens to be one of the first two people I ever played Magic with back in 1994. Here's to new Legionnaires! To recap where these events stand to this point, Legionnaire Night 1 (aka "Ice Age Night") is documented here . Legionnaire Nights 2 and 3 were held at the homes of Bill and Jim Casale, with each brother having epically failed to chronicle the evenings they hosted. At least Jimmy can claim having been on the cusp of fatherhood as his excuse. And Billy does make a good Food Network host . A picture may be worth a thousand words, but be

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