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Messing Around with Casual Decks for Early Type 2 (95/96 Magic)

I've talked before about how I'm not a blue player. I used to think there was something wrong with me and would occasionally try to work a blue-based deck into my suite, but finally I realized there was just something wrong with everyone else. Regardless, the result is that I'm typically only brewing within four colors, sometimes all four of them. For the experiment pictured below, I skipped over Magic 95 entirely and opted for "early Type 2," or 95/96 Magic, as described here.

The core game plan is Black Vise + Howling Mine, supplemented by burn spells and restricted-esque one-ofs like Balance, Channel, Demonic Consultation and Zuran Orb. Thawing Glaciers makes the land base possible, and Initiates of the Ebon Hand filters off-colored mana into fuel for Soul Burn, Drain Life, and Necropotence. The goal is really just to live long enough to deal lethal, which I suppose is the goal of most decks. In my second goldfish game, the deck "went off" on turn 4 …

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