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Nostalgic for Nostalgia

There’s nothing like putting on a pair of rose-colored Sunglasses of Urza and looking back upon a pleasantly distorted sense of the past. I don’t quite know how to explain it, but every time I see an OG art Hurricane, Nightmare or Breeding Pit, a wave of soothingness and calm washes over me. Echoes of the past. Lifeblood of the present. Something I’ve noticed over the last couple years is that Old School Magic is starting to feel… old. 2024 ushers in the five-year anniversary of the Akron Legionnaires (if anyone wants to buy me a gift of wood, I’d happily settle for a Mox Ruby), and I’ve been acquiring and playing underpowered Magic: the Gathering cards from the mid-90s for almost ten(!) . For as much as I like to tell stories about experiences as I remember them from “back in the day,” my earliest experiences with “Old School” as an MtG format and community are starting to feel more historic than contemporary. Not that 2015 could ever elicit in me anything rivaling 1995, but the years

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