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A Full Moon, Friday the 13th, and Ice Age Block Revelry

The Akron Legionnaires convened on the night of Friday, September 13 for a mini Ice Age block tournament and the awarding of our first Akron Legionnaire prize card. But even before lunch, the full moon was showing its force, targeting Bill's lower extremities.

For a finance professional, Bill sure has had his share of fucked-up incidents involving his feet. Fortunately, this is a man who would never let triskaidekaphobia or severed limbs keep him from slinging old cardboard, and with full bellies courtesy of Oak & Embers Tavern and smokehouse, we assembled in my basement to temper the vestiges of an Indian summer with the coldest block of Magic: the Gathering.

When we arrived, the poolMagic table was laden with gifts and cards for everyone to sign. I strove to be a gracious host for this inaugural event, and my efforts were bolstered by my compatriots, who each brought their own contributions for the coffers.

With the formalities out of the way, it was on to the games. In lieu…

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