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Subject: Re: Any word on Fallen Empires?
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 1994 07:17:14 GMT
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>In the end, can someone reply when they find out _anything_
>about Fallen Empires? Curious minds must know!

OH SNAP!!! my modem just crashed and i lost the ENTIRE POST 
that i had written!! and this is on my dad's new QUADRA 
630!!! this is my 2nd try, hope all you guys appreciate 
it!!!1! ;P


OK, I just got back from my friend Bill's house after 
coming home from the release party at the store. i have to 
get up for school again in 4 hours so i should be sleeping 
now but i drank at least _6_ CANS OF JOLT so y'all get to 
read the 411 on the NEW MAGIC THE GATHERING SET instead!! 
YEAH!!!! ;P

so first of all everybody had the set name's not 
Fallen Empires but "SCRYINGS"!! this alone made everyone at 
the store crazy with excitement! in the end there weren't 
enough boxes so the 4 of us only got 1 BOOSTER PACK. that's 
right: O-N-E. there's supposed to be another shipment 
tomorrow (today?!?!) so i'll be going back again after 
school to check (if i can hitch a ride from my mom or 
anyone else! ;`P ). anyway we opened our pack and decided 
to just split up the cards to use in our decks!

1st things 1st, the wrappers are blue and red, but it's a 
light greenish blue so it actually looks pretty cool... not 
like cleveland indians colors or whatever. (although i 
guess we were actually playing pretty good before the 
strike so maybe that wouldnt be a bad thing anyway!! ;`P)

when we opened the pack the first thing we saw was a new 
_RED_ Sorcery card that deals 5 damage for 1 Red mana - 
BOOYAH!!! ;P  but you also have to destroy one of your 
goblins and if you don't use goblins in your deck then you  
can't really use this card. so that makes it fair i guess 
but still obviously really good though possibly not better 
than Fireball since that goes for X.

the WEIRDEST card i think we got was this Green Sorcery. i
forget what it was called but you can put in play on your 
side ANY creature in your deck as long as it was Green. 
BUT!!! you have to destroy one of your own Green creatures 
to do it! we thought it would be pretty good but then Jim 
only used it to kill his Wall of Ice and get his Giant 
Spider. but i did hear that in another game he got his 
FORCE OF NATURE with it which i guess is pretty good IF YOU 
CAN PAY THE UPKEEP OF COURSE!!! i imagine though that this 
card will only cost $1 at the good stores.

another card Jim got was probably the BEST CARD IN THE 
WHOLE PACK!! yeah it was only a Summon Wizard 1/1 for one
Blue and one colorless mana (i know bad) but the tap 
ability was actually "sacrifice 2 of your own lands to draw 
3 cards" but then you also had to discard one of the cards 
you just drew. Jim used this against me twice in one game 
and kept losing extra land he didn't need to get more 
don't remember if he won that one in the end but it was 
nevertheless better than any of the other cards he played.

my favorite card that i played from the pack was Pacifism, 
which makes it so a creature can't attack or block but it 
can still tap for mana and etc. (so _DON'T_ cast this on 
their Birds of Paradise: PSYCH!!!) and the controller 
doesn't gain life as like with swords to plowshares. i cast 
this on Bill's Rock Hydra 2 games in a row!! ;P the first 
time he thought it was pretty cool but the 2nd time Bill 
really wanted to attack with his Hyrdra (which actually had 
8 HEADS!!) and he (Bill) got kind of upset.

another card i had was pretty good because it could work in 
one of 3 ways - you could use it to make them choose any 
card to discard from their hand or make any creature +2/-1 
until end of the turn or to give the creature Swampwalk 
until end of the turn. but you couldn't do all of them, 
only choose one for 1 Black mana and the card is called 
Funeral Charm, and it's a black Instant.

i also had a new Summon called Tar Pit Warrior, a 3/4 for 3 
total mana (one Black) that dies if you or your opponent 
plays any affects on it. so while it would be good to be 
able to put Unholy Strength on it i was still able to 
attack with it really well. it can also defeat a Hill Giant 
which is important.

my last card that i got to keep from the pack was the Ashen 
Ghoul which is a 3/1 creature that gets to attack the first 
turn that it comes into play on your side. but it also can 
return from your graveyard like Nether Shadow if it dies 
and three more of your creatures die after it. this only 
uses 1 mana and otherwise it costs 4. pretty good i'd say!!

i only got to play Sean in one game but he had a red card 
that was probably the worst creature from the pack as it 
destroys nonbasic lands but none of us play those. it's 
also a Dwarf so it can't detsroy itself to fuel the Goblin 
Grenade which was the first card we opened. Sean played his 
red and white deck and it isn't a Power Surge deck per say 
but he did cast his Power Surge that game and it nearly 
killed us both.

Sean also had a white 2/1 called the Order of Leitbur which 
he didn't use against me but discarded it when he had no 
Plain and i cast my Funeral Charm so that i wouldn't take 
more damage from the Power Surge. anyway this is a 2/1 
Summon Cleric that can boost +1/+0 for two White mana or 
First Strike for one White mana but in both cases only for 
that turn. you can give +1/+0 for as much double White mana 
as you pay because it doesn't tap the creature, which also 
has PROTECTION FROM BLACK like regular White Knights! the 
game i did see him actually use it in, he had several good 
creatures out and Jim mostly had his Walls out so yeah i 
guess you could say it was pretty good!!!1! ;`P

one card that we opened but i don't think anyone was able 
to draw it may have been the best card in the pack, (other 
than the Soldevi Sage that Jim took before), but either way 
it's a 7/6 green creature with no other ability. but i do 
say it _MAY_ be the best card due to being bigger than a 
Craw Wurm or EVEN A MAHAMOTI DJINN, which is probably the 
card i lose to the most when i have to play against blue 
other than Control Magic which i hate.

and speaking of blue cards, i know that Sean did take a new 
Interrupt called Memory Lapse which is like a Counterspell 
but for one Blue mana and one colorless mana and instead of 
discarding the spell then goes to the top of the library of 
the opponent who tried to cast it. which i guess is pretty 
good because then that person has to cast it again but if 
you countered a good spell they can just play it against 
you a 2nd time if you still can't deal with it. i didn't 
get to see Sean cast this spell either, so maybe it's not 
really so great.

Bill got a really good card and hear me out on this because 
i know Walls are bad if they don't have Flying like Wall of 
Swords or Regeneration like Wall of Bones and sometimes 
Wall of Brambles. this card was only 0/3 but was actually 
REALLY GOOD!! because it costs only one Green mana to cast 
it's similar to Wall of Wood: however you can sacrifice it 
to gain 2 _RED_ mana into your mana pool at any time and 
Bill's deck already being both green and red this was just 
a solid fit.

other than those above, there were a few other cards. one 
was the Goblin Vandal, which is a 1/1 Summon Goblin that 
can destroy an Artifact when it attacks (if not blocked). 
there was also the Casting of Bones which is a black 
Enchant Creature that gives you 3 cards when it dies, but 
like with the Soldevi Sage you do have to choose and 
discard one of the cards you just drew. so NOT QUITE 
ANCESTRAL RECALL but not really too far off!! then finally 
there was the Sea Sprite, a 1/1 Blue Flying craeture 
(Fairy) that also has protection from Red, which is pretty 
reasonable for only two mana overall: one Blue and one 

i didn't see anyone play these first two cards however the 
Goblin Vandal got drawn as his ante card vs. my Sengir 
Vampire. the Sea Sprite did get played by Jim however 
because it died quickly (i think maybe because of my 
Pestilence _EVIL GRIN_) we didn't get to see what it could 
really do.

OK, now that i think i've told you about all the cards in 
our pack, the last game we played with the SCRYINGS cards 
was 3 players after Sean left and Jim hid a Chaos Orb that 
he bought for his brother Bill in his deck so Bill would be 
surprised. as soon as he dropped it we realized that we had 
to spread out our cards in case Jim had a Regrowth later 
(which he did!!!). this was a gnarly threeperson game even 
though we didn't really draw the Scryings cards, because 
Jim got to use the Chaos Orb twice and destroyed Bill's 
Elvish Archers but then he missed on Bill's Black Vise the 
second time which is what eventually basically killed him 
in the end (the Vice).

finally Jim did give the Chaos Orb to his brother Bill to 
keep which is pretty awesome of him because it probably 
cost him more than $5. although i think that Bill did pay 
him back for it in the end. so now all 4 of us have a Chaos 

OK, i hope everyone enjoyed my post about SCRYINGS!!! :) :) 
:)  seeya!!!!

~~legionnaire matt

p.s.  if our booster pack gives any idea, the WotC card 
designers for SCRYINGS (NOT Fallen Empires!!) ;P did an 
AMAZING JOB!!! we can't wait to play more with all these
amazing cards!!!1!

p.p.s.  i do remember now that the name of that crazy green 
Sorcery card was called Natural Order!!

"no time to search the world around
cause you know where i'll be found
when i come around" --green day

Reasons why AKRON LEGIONNAIRE is the BEST card in Magic 
the Gathering:
1. 8/4!!!!!!!
2. as good as any LEGEND but not a legend card itself so 
you can still play 4!!
3. its drawback doesn't matter when its the only creature 
in your deck (and you can even still play ARTIFACT 


  1. This is so amazing

    1. Thank you. I will dutifully accept any and all accolades. :D


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