Hi, I'm Matt. You might [not] remember me from such blogs as first edition adventures and, less recently, Scars of Battledale. In any case, I started playing Magic: The Gathering in 1994; a couple years back, old school Magic (aka "93/94") helped me rediscover my roots in the game, as it has for many others. I wrote about my enlightenment here.


Though the journey into old school formats has been nostalgic and fulfilling, I'm ready for a new challenge: as a new year resolution for 2018, I've decided to try my hand at a 93/94 deck comprised of only Alpha and Beta cards, adding (roughly) one new card per week, for 52 consecutive weeks. The end result, next December, should be a 93/94-legal, all-black-bordered pile.

Scrounging together the few A/B cards I already own, I managed to compile this 40-card, two-color stack:

Needs Lightning Bolt, Goblin King

It's not much (and it's literally every card I own in these colors), but should be decent for playtesting. The aim for this year's deck is mono-black, in the spirit of the hell-inspiring cards that solidified my love for Magic as a kid. I do have a bit of a head start, which helps ensure a full 60 at the card-per-week pace. My initial offering:

It's something to work with, and the Ritual is spicy. Unholy Strength was fear-worthy back in the day; the base sets provided few ways to deal with large black creatures, outside of Fireball and StP.

Once I get rolling, I'll assemble something playable by supplementing with Unlimited cards I already own. As a house rule, I'll keep the Unlimited portion singleton in nature, and always swap out white-bordered cards with new inclusions.

That's it. Posts to this site will likely be short and infrequent. It's mainly for my own edification and chronicling of my work.


  1. This is a great idea Matt! Very excited to follow your progress :)


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