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Holiday Musings

I'm not sure how much Old School 96 ever gets played, but it feels like there's a narrow space wedged between Magic 95 (which allows Ice Age and Homelands) and Premodern that houses a few iconic (and arguably oldschool) cards that don't have anyplace to call home. I know Alliances is technically legal in Premodern and that the Eternal Central Middle School variant even allows Force of Will, but I'm not talking about four-of Vintage and Legacy staples so much as cards whose day in the sun largely ended two decades ago. Lake of the Dead, for example.

Back in the 90s, one of my close friends hoarded a lone copy of this card, along with several Revised duals that he refused to trade or play. That only made our lust for the unhallowed pond greater and more intense. I never even really knew if the card was good. Maybe part of the reason I never bought one was that I badly wanted it to be, and feared the disappointment that might follow if I wasn't able to make it work. I…

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