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Losing a Friend

My fingers tremble as I type the opening words of this post.

Every so often, life hits you with a moment of perspective. The whirl of the days around you, the routines, the normalcy, all stop, suspended in midair. In these moments, each action is measured with consciousness and intent, as your mind fails to set your body on auto-pilot for carrying out regular, mundane tasks. Yet, when you try to look back later, everything is a blur. I glance over to the side of my desk.

Suddenly, the pictures and memories are all you have.

At twelve, Bentley is an aging dog, though we've kept him in great health, minding his diet and keeping him active. But nature has its own schedule, and sometimes nothing you do can ever be enough. He lay on the garage door entry rug downstairs, breathing calmly, slowing succumbing to an illness unknown to us this morning when we awoke. I took him for an hour-long walk on Monday. Tuesday he vomited throughout the day and wouldn't eat. We went to the vet thi…

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