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Deconstructing Legacy (Literally)

I've never been much of a competitive Magic player in the formal sense. I'm competitive when I play, and I like to think I'm a solid deckbuilder, but short of the occasional prerelease or 8-man Legacy pod, I've never been anything close to a grinder. I did spike a Type 2 FNM with White Weenie years back when some friends and I decided to stop by an LGS at the spur of the moment. Turns out Isamaru, Hound of Konda equipped with Umezawa's Jitte was pretty good back then. Highlights included my B/G Death Cloud opponent throwing his cards after I played Karma out of the sideboard (he was drinking out of a brown bag under the table, apparently a store regular who didn't take well to losing), a ten-year-old beating one of my friends and making him say out loud that The Unspeakable was his daddy, and my wife buying me a congratulatory greeting card a couple days later.

In addition to being a wonderful person, my wife Sara is also a fantastic mom to our seven-year-old …

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